Visit to the Intellectual School of Atyrau and meeting with public representatives of the region

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The President inspected the classrooms of the school and talked to the students.

During the conversation with public representatives of the region, the President noted that the school has become the fifteenth educational institution in the country’s system of Intellectual Schools. The President highlighted that nowadays, more than one thousand students had graduated from those schools, which made up 25 percent of those who had entered the Nazarbayev University.

Those, who talked to the President at the meeting, included agriculture veteran Zh.Berikkaliyev, writer R.Otarbayev and other public representatives of the region. They expressed their thanks to Nursultan Nazarbayev for his efforts focused on the development of agriculture, maintenance of unity and peace in the country and support of the cultural sphere.

In his speech, R.Otarbayev noted that adoption of the Cultural Heritage Programme and realisation of the “Babalar Sozi” project became the results of the farsighted policy of the President of Kazakhstan. He also pointed out that the “Eternal Nation” idea unveiled by the President, especially naming the country the “Kazakh Nation” was received with enthusiasm by most of the people.

In this regard, Nursultan Nazarbayev gave his own opinion related to the official name of the country.

“The name of our country ends in “stan” as other states of the Central Asia. At the same time, foreigners take an interest in Mongolia, the population of which makes up only two million, but its name does not end in “stan”. Perhaps, eventually it is necessary to consider an issue of changing the name of our country into the “Kazakh Nation”, but first of all, it should necessarily be discussed with people,” the President said. 

At the end of the meeting, the head of state stressed that if we maintain unity and tolerance, our country will achieve its goals.

“Our advantage is the diversity of the multiethnic people,” Nursultan Nazarbayev concluded.